Our NEW Elegant Hi-end Wall Mounted Air Conditioner

The SRK-ZSX is an attractive, well-designed Hi-end wall mounted air conditioner known as the Diamond Series. The unit meets outstanding energy efficiency receiving Europe’s highest seasonal energy rating (A+++) in both cooling and heating mode. This in itself is a huge benefit not only to the end user but also to the environment.


The new Hi-End Inverter Diamond series provides comfort to the end user and at the same time provides an exceptional European design. This is a timeless piece, which integrates elegantly in any room and is suitable for any application.

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Combining High Seasonal Efficiency with European Design

The premium SRK-ZS model provides high seasonal efficiency, comfort cooling or heating to the user and the unit integrates smoothly in any application. There are many options that can be activated to benefit the user’s personal lifestyle, including an optional wi-fi connection and human sensor mode.


The SRK-ZS unit which is the sister model of the SRK-ZSX unit were both designed to target the European air conditioning market.

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Technical Features

High Seasonal Efficiency

Standard-equipped with motion sensors that detect human movement and automatically control the room temperature as well as the air-conditioners On/Off operations.

Low Noise Levels

Both the ZSX and ZS models feature a “silent” operating mode for the outdoor unit and weekly timer function for greater environmental compatibility and convenience.

New Functions

Engineered to provide improved functions and sophisticated comfort air-conditioning whilst delivering energy-saving performance.

European Design

Our Italian design agency Tensa s.r.l. based in Milan successfully focused the design of the models to appeal to the European market.